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Internal neon

Indoor illuminated advertising

Internal neon

A few years ago, neon advertising began to be pushed out of the market by the common block letters, illuminated letters or light boxes. However, we know that advertising is about surprising you, differentiating yourself, being different from everyone else …

The essence of advertising is uniqueness.

Colorful and expressive neon advertising stands out among other signs. Bright, full of life colors catch the eye. Not only that – the plasticity of the material creates incredible opportunities to give your presentation fanciful, unique and individual shapes and patterns.

Neon advertising is the perfect way to present the name, telephone number, industry, product or logo of your company. Installed in display windows, they are an attractive and – importantly – economical form of illuminated advertising.

An equally good way to attract the attention of a potential customer is to frame a site or an exhibition window with glowing neon tubes. They can be installed irrespective of local regulations and restrictions in the way of displaying the advertisement.

On individual request, we offer you artistic neon signs in the selected color, style and size. They are mounted in several different ways – built in Plexiglas or mounted in frames, made of various materials, depending on your needs.

Thanks to the many years of experience we have in the production of this type of advertising – our projects attract the eye and attention, remaining in perfect condition for many years and still maintaining fresh colors. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Stand out with a colorful and expressive light advertisement