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About us

A few words about our company

We are guided by quality and experience. Meet Ada Neon

What should you know about us?

Certainly we are quite old. We have been operating since 1995. From the beginning, we specialize only in the production of neon lights. Almost thirty years of experience makes us one of the most professional companies in Poland, and probably even in Europe.

What are our goals?

Our mission is to create unique identification for your business. We do it thanks to the use of modern and innovative technological solutions. We distinguish your shop, premises or company with a colorful and expressive light advertisement. Neon lights are always eye-catching. During the day and night, the customer will notice you quickly. We make sure that no one will pass by you indifferently.

Do we have any advantages?

Of course. First of all, the highest quality of products. We make sure that the materials we use are of the highest quality, thanks to which we create perfect neon signs for you.

Our other advantages are experience, professionalism and punctuality. We have been constantly improving our experience and professionalism since 1995. Then we took off, but we don’t stop. Despite our enormous experience, we are not idle, we are up to date with the latest technologies and thanks to them we create the best light advertising in Poland and Europe.

What are the advantages of illuminated advertising?

Neon lights are, above all, unique, at the same time old school and modern.

In addition, they are distinguished by low energy consumption, low operating cost, low failure rate, easy installation, eternally vivid and eye-catching light color, resistance to weather conditions, lifetime of up to 80,000 light hours.
We produce neon signs for all of Poland and Europe

Get in touch with us. We will design and evaluate the advertisement for you